Brown’s Chapel

Montgomery United Methodist Church traces its history to 1844 when a group of dedicated Christians began to meet for worship and prayer. In 1846, these pioneers erected a small log cabin on what is now Browns Church Road. Called Brown’s Chapel, this non-denominational church was first served by local laymen and, occasionally, by a circuit rider. Meetings were lengthy, sometimes lasting until mid-night. Transportation to the chapel was by oxen, horse and on foot. Lighting was provided by candles and kerosene lamps.

Brown’s Chapel Stone Marker

Brown’s Chapel remained non-denominational from 1846 until it was deeded to the trustees of Brown’s Chapel, Methodist Protestant Church in 1860.
As the church’s population increased, the congregation separated, building the Howard Chapel church near Long Corner and the Montgomery Chapel in Claggettsville. The Montgomery Protestant Methodist Church, built in 1871, was the first church constructed in the fork of what are now Routes 27 and 80, formerly Buffalo Road and Quaker Road.
The Brown’s Chapel log cabin decayed and no longer exists. In 1993, a stone marker stating “Site of Browns Chapel – Founded in 1846” was placed at the historical site of the original log cabin.

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