Through the month of April, we will not be meeting for worship. Check in here or on our Facebook page for Sermons and video messages.

We are actively reaching out to members through our Telecare Network, organizing appreciation meals for first responders, and making cards through our Care Team to reach those who may need some encouragement. If you, or anyone you know could benefit from these ministry opportunities, please contact the church office!

The church office is closed through April, however our office administrator will be monitoring the phones and emails during normal business hours.

Please share this with folks who are not on social media or do not know to check our church website.

Re-Opening Protocol 

Recent changes have made it possible for us to offer greater access to our building, and our ministries.  Beginning July 1we will implement the following changes to our policy, and we will continue to review our situation at the August meeting of the Church Council.

Administrative and small group meetings are currently able to meet on campus at any time by making room (or campus location, i.e. pavilion) reservations with our Church Administrator.

We will maintain one service at 10 a.m. through August 31.  We will resume two worship service times, our 9 a.m. Contemporary, and 11:00 traditional service, beginning September 5.  There has also been some positive response from the choir about resuming in September.

We will no longer require persons who have been vaccinated to wear a mask in the building.

We will reopen the overflow area of the sanctuary.  For those who want to limit contact with those who are not wearing a mask, this area will be maintained as a "mask only" area.  Persons who wish to sit in this section may choose to enter by way of the Heritage Room entrance.  Persons who sit in the overflow section will be required to wear a mask.  Persons may choose to wear a mask in any area of the building.
We will continue to provide hand sanitizer and masks.  We will recommend that persons utilize hand sanitizer as they are arriving and leaving the sanctuary.

We will continue to request that persons sit only in every-other pew, and socially distance.  Families may choose to sit together.

We have resumed celebration of the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of the month.

We will resume on-campus Sunday School, to the degree that staffing will allow, beginning September 12.

We will continue to utilize offering plates on a pedestal, and the plates will not be passed during the worship service.

I am certain that this does not answer every question, and I invite you to contact me for additional clarification.  (Mobile number - 240.520.5610)  We are very pleased to be one step closer to again sharing full fellowship and ministry opportunities.