Through the month of April, we will not be meeting for worship. Check in here or on our Facebook page for Sermons and video messages.

We are actively reaching out to members through our Telecare Network, organizing appreciation meals for first responders, and making cards through our Care Team to reach those who may need some encouragement. If you, or anyone you know could benefit from these ministry opportunities, please contact the church office!

The church office is closed through April, however our office administrator will be monitoring the phones and emails during normal business hours.

Please share this with folks who are not on social media or do not know to check our church website.

Re-Opening Protocol 

Prospective worshipers will need to make reservations with the church office, by email or phone by Thursday noon before the Sunday they would like to attend. An email address or phone number will need to be provided to confirm reservation.

Reservations must be renewed each week

Twenty-five family slots will be available.  A "family" will consist of all members of a household who will sit together in the pew, whether that is one person or several.  Two slots will be reserved for visitors.

Prayer requests will need to be received by 10 am. on Friday to insure that they will be included in the service, since there will be no written prayer request sheet.  We will do our best to accommodate verbal prayer requests before the service, but opportunities will be limited.

Worshipers will be greeted at the location where the entrance lane enters the parking lot, and requested to park in every other parking space.

Masks will be required from the time a person leaves their automobile until the time they return to their auto after the service.

Worshipers will enter at the main entrance to the church (on the south side of the building).  A greeter will verify their attendance, so that we can provide updates to those attending on a particular Sunday, if needed.  If the family is visiting for the first time, contact information will be received.  Six foot intervals will be marked on the sidewalk for those who are waiting for entrance.

Hand sanitizer will be available in the Connecting Place for all worshipers.

Containers will be provided for offerings, since the offering plates will not be passed during the service.

Ushers will greet worshipers at the entrance to the sanctuary and will maintain a six foot distance. 

Seating will be assigned, and identified by color and number for sections and rows.

Worship will be shortened to a forty-five minute time period, in order to accommodate the new conditions.  There will be an organ prelude and postlude.  The Praise Band will provide a video presentation of the worship songs.

The children will remain in their seats for our "Children’s Time."

Per the instructions of Bishop Easterling, we will not be celebrating the Lord’s Supper during the summer months.  We will await further clarification.
At the conclusion of worship time:

  • The organist will play a postlude
  • The ushers will dismiss row by row, starting in the rear of the center section, and working forward, alternating sides of the aisle.
  • The worshipers in the overflow section will be dismissed through the rear of the section, and will exit through the Memorial Room entrance

Worshipers will be encouraged to exit quickly; those who wish to connect may do so outside, where they will be encouraged to keep social distancing