The Heritage Circle is happy to announce an invitation to all  to join us on our trip to the Bible Museum in Washington, DC, on Monday, March 30. There are many exhibits, artifacts, and experiences to enjoy there, including a virtual reality trip to the Holy Land! The trip to DC will be by bus from our church. If you wish to go or have questions, please contact our church office.

Coat Drive: The Missions Team and Hands in Ministry (HIM) group are sponsoring a winter coat collection now through December. Stop by the HIM truck in the parking lot to drop off your gently used coats. Collected coats will be given to the Frederick Rescue Mission Clothing Ministry.

HEALTH MINISTRY: Blood pressure checks will be available every Sunday morning in January and February from 10 am to 11 am in the Health Ministry office located across from the church restrooms.

Build Your Legacy at Montgomery United Methodist Church (MUMC)

IRS regulations state that, if you are the owner of a traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA), you must generally start receiving distributions from your IRA by April 1 of the year following the year in which you reach age 701⁄2. This distribution is defined as a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), which is a percentage of your IRA’s total value. The annual RMD usually ranges from 3% to 6% of the IRA’s value depending on your age.

A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) is generally a nontaxable distribution, which can be part or all of your RMD. It is made directly by the trustee of your IRA to an organization eligible to receive tax deductible contributions. Montgomery United Methodist Church (MUMC) is an eligible organization to receive your IRA distribution as a QCD.

If you turned 70 1⁄2 or older this year, and do not need part or all of your RMD, you can make a gift of up to $100,000 this year or next year to MUMC from your IRA to help further our programs or missions. If you file a joint return, your spouse can also have an IRA QCD up to $100,000.

The RMD monies are transferred directly by the IRA administrator from your IRA account to MUMC (the IRA gift monies do not pass through you).

To learn more about an IRA charitable distribution to MUMC, please contact your IRA administrator and tax advisor. Also, you can find more information on IRS Publication 590‐B (Distributions from IRAs) or at the IRS web site –

Compare the impact of taking your RMD versus the benefits of making an IRA charitable gift to MUMC:

Taking Your RMD (no gifting)

  • You may pay income tax on your distribution.
  • You may be unsure on where to invest your money.
  • You may have a higher federal and state income tax bill.

Making an IRA Gift to MUMC

  • You will pay no income tax on your gift.
  • You can help support your favorite cause at MUMC.
  • Your gift can help build your charitable legacy at MUMC.

Benefits. An IRA charitable gift can benefit both you and MUMC’s programs and missions! And you will not pay taxes on any distribution (up to $100,000) made to MUMC. Contact your IRA administrator and tax advisor to get started with your gift. If you are considering a gift, let us know of your plans so that your gift goes to the causes most meaningful to you. Please contact either Jann Nakoski or Tim Parris to discuss the use of your gift.